To promote social inclusion in our beloved Barcelona we decided since the beginning of Be Local tours to integrate a social vision in our core-business. Our goal was to give back to the local community what we were taking in terms of environmental and social impactThis is how the idea of Project Futur was born.

During Project Futur we created a training program for a group of boys and girls in cooperation with Casal dels Infants, a non profit organization. Casal del Infants helps children and young people that live in neighborhoods with social needs. Our program was focused on the Raval neighbourhood, one of the most disadvantaged areas in Barcelona.

Over a one year period of training, we taught a group of 10 young girls and boys how to become tourist guides. Tutored by experienced guides Rocío and Carlos they started to learn about the tour guide profession in Barcelona.

During the year each boy and girl could learn more about the city in which they live. The history, traditions, politics, arts, sciences, museums and monuments of Barcelona amongst other. At the same time respecting the importance of dignified work as a measure to develop oneself in life and the consequences it can have on the surrounding environment.

Our hope was that these tools helped them grow, provided them knowledge about their own city and ultimately prepare them to enter in the tourist industry with the skills required in the field.


Be Local Tours is a company with a socially responsible ethos. We believe in the importance of balancing profit with the needs and development of the local community.

There is a contradictory relationship between the needs of visitors to travel and enjoy Barcelona and the right of the locals to preserve their lifestyle, customs and identity.

Mass tourism in Barcelona, as well as in other successful and visited places, can deeply change the life of the locals. We believe this is generally a good change. It brings investment and work and strengthens the economy. At the same time we know that it can have downturns, like higher prices, pollution and disturbances for the local community.

Our goal is to bring harmony and build a better relationship between visitors from abroad and the locals by adopting a more sustainable and respectful model of business in providing touristic services.

Should you wish for more information about our social project “The Future Project” or our social objectives please contact us.


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